Webhostingpad has been online since 2005, they are offering extremely affordable web hosting plan. They have been preferred by over 200,000 websites. They are now offering all-in-one unlimited plan. There are no hidden fees or setup fees and it is compatible for any websites.

Is this a good web hosting company? This is one of the cheapest choice and they are good. How do we know this? We have been using this since 2008 and we choose their basic plan to host this Webhostingpad review websites. We know their advantages and disadvantages, all their pros and cons as well. There is no hidden secret and we are trying our best to reveal their secrets and facts.

Webhostingpad.com web hosting

Is this web hosting feature the best? They have done it right, and make it the best budget web host. It is carefully designed and suitable for all websites and users. Here are the main features:

  • Unlimited storage space and bandwidth.
  • Allow multiple domains and extra websites.
  • CPanel control panel with Softaculous installer.
  • Free domain name, advertising credits, website builder tool and weekly backup service.
  • 24/7 US-based technical support with live chat.
  • Good uptime guarantee and 30-days money back guarantee.

What is top reasons to choose this budget hosting? This is a fairly valued shared plan; they doing the best in keeping the price low and reasonable. All you need is a functioning shared plan, honestly this is the most suitable cheap solution for the job. They have lots of advantages and here are some of the key points:

  • The lowest price of below two dollars per month.
  • Best quality customer service.
  • They use quality equipment and data center.
  • Come with 30-days money back guarantee.
  • Absolutely no hidden fees.

Webhostingpad VPS web hosting is cheap. This is the most affordable VPS plan and it’s now a new product from them. The beginner VPS plan start from $9.95 per month and with 10 GB storage space and 128 MB guarantee RAM. This basic VPS also includes dedicated IP address and free setup. Choose their semi-annually payment to entitle for this offer price, no VPS coupon code requires for this discount price. Beside this beginner plan, they also have professional plan with more storage space and RAM and recommended for medium size business and suitable for website with higher user traffic. If you need the most storage and memory, the high end premium VPS plan is the recommended option. And who should upgrade to virtual private server and tap on their advantages?

  • Anyone who want their website to perform better and faster. VPS plan offer more performance, bigger RAM, and more CPU processor time. All these dedicated allocation will result in faster website speed and its overall performance rating.
  • Anyone who want better uptime rating for their website. Since VPS plan is hosted in VPS web server that host less website than shared web hosting. In shared web hosting, there can be up to thousand of websites hosted per server. But in VPS hosting plan, the number are maintained at much lower number. The lesser the web hosting account and websites hosted, the more reliable the web server will be.
  • Anyone who is doing SEO and require a good neighborhood for their website. If you are familiar with search engine ranking and positioning, hosting your website in good server and with dedicated IP address can guarantee a better website SEO rank. Hosting your website in blacklisted server in the other way round, will deeply effect your website reputation and trust. And a faster website speed can improve your website ranking as well, especially when come to Google search engine.

Choose to signup their semi-annual VPS plan to entitle for best price. Signup during this sales promotion and get the best price from their VPS hosting today!

Budget VPS plan now available.

Webhostingpad cPanel control panel is free. Do you want a demo or preview of their cPanel? Here is the review site and this WordPress blog is a hosted website, and we are their customer as well. We have access to cPanel and we can login to our account, and manage website and domain name. Always make sure your cPanel port 2082 is enabled in your computer and firewall, which is by default enabled. If its disable, inform your administrator to gain access through the port 2082. Once you have these ready, you can now log in to cPanel control panel at: www.yourdomain.com/cpanel.

You will be prompt for your cPanel login name and password, enter it and proceed with the cPanel login. Once you are login successfully, you will get to cPanel main page and at here you can manage your hosting account; create email, create database, install script, create FTP user, backup, etc. All website and domain management can be performed in this cPanel control panel.

Our cPanel control panel

The latest Softaculous 1-click installer is provided free. This Softaculous is user friendly, easy to use, and with lots of software apps to select, view in live demo, and install into your selected domain names. They provide wide range of web apps including blogs, CMS, forum, image galleries, ad management, wiki site, calendars and mail management. With the new Softaculous installer, they are now more complete and offering much more free software for installation. They provide large variety of apps to install at your new domain name.

Softaculous 1-click installer

Webhostingpad webmail clients is standard. They are offering variety of webmail clients for their customer. It allows you to create unlimited email accounts for each users, for example everyone in your sales marketing department. And each of these sales executive can login to their webmail client and check message from web browser, or they can use client program to download message to their local computer, for example outlook express. They are offering Horde webmail, Squirrelmail, and Roundcube webmail client program. You can check email online via these webmail tools. It was tested and working fine, we are able to login to webmail and check message online.

Webmail service and selection

Email and SpamAssassin protection is provided. Their basic package allows unlimited email accounts, mailing list manager, and spam protection as well. This is one unlimited plan that allows unlimited e-mail account creation. Add new account as you need and create more mailbox. It provides all the features and services. Sending and receiving messages at no extra cost. They are now offering both Boxtrapper and SpamAssassin protection feature, and available for free.

Now with site creator by CM4all. In our account, we are able to find site creator or site builder by CM4all. This CM4all site creator is a leading provider of web-based applications that provide customers to create professional-looking consumer and business websites with useful and powerful features, such as photo album, blog, and event planner.

It is grateful to have a site creator from them and now we can even save more without spending any costs on web design. It is customization to fit your needs and style of the design. Start a website from scratch via site builder tool or install open source CMS websites are both simplified with this user-friendly web hosting plan. Here are the sample of the professional looking website which created by CM4all site builder.

The free account backup and database backup is tested. Their plan is complete with account backup and data backup feature. From cPanel control panel, find site backup tool that allow user to export account setting, generate database backup files, and email backup files. Note that by default, the plan is come with free backup services. From feature page, you will find the “storage backup” feature listed under data centre facilities. As you can see, server data backup is completed. In case of data lost of server crash, your website data still can be rollback to most recent backup copies. For maximum protection, it’s recommended to backup copy the account data & database & files regularly. You can manually generate backup copy via cPanel backup tool mentioned above.

Domain registration pricing is affordable. They are now with free domain name for life. This mean you are getting 1 free domain name for your hosting account, and it is free of charge for the rest of the life time. Not just free domain name, they also include free transfer (optional feature). If you want to move domain over, you can us the domain transfer feature for free. In the market, conventional registrar company is charging one year domain price for any new transfer. When you require more domain names, you can always register it here. Their pricing is $14.95 per year. Since this is a multiple website hosting plan, you can host as many websites in one account. Having few websites, blog sites, e-commerce, photo gallery, and others in one easy to manage plan.

What is Webhostingpad speed test and performance? Is this plan fast and reliable? We know their actual server speed and website loading time because we host with them. We have website running from our own account and we use this for testing and review. Our website here is loading at within 1.62 second only. The website load time is fast and we have notice that.

  • Our website speed rating is 83 out of 100.

Website speed test

How is Webhostingpad uptime and downtime? For the first three years with them, our website uptime is very poor. After the domain DNS problem has been found and solved, this website is return to best performance and getting the highest uptime percentage later. We are not expecting this error in first place, at the end the support team have found this problem and help solving it. The downtime issue is solved from that day onward and the website returned to its best uptime rating. Here is our website uptime when monitored over the Internet, the yearly statistic as following.

  • Our Webhostingpad uptime for 2012 is 99.82%.

Website uptime rating

Their customer support is reviewed as well. When looking for web hosting services, we expect the hosting plan come with decent technical support as well. When we are looking for assistant, we wish to get it instantly. We want immediate attention, and always want the issue is to be resolved in the quickest time. There is no point to wait days for support to reply on email, those days are over! This is the Internet era, connectivity and availability is everything. Nowadays, a decent hosting plan should come with live chat support. We had been using this more often than other technical support mean, which including phone supports or email support. Live chat support is the quickest and most effective in forwarding your technical issue to support team. It comes with complete set of customer support which includes:

  • Toll free phone support.
  • Online live chat.
  • Email ticket support.

Their support phone number is with toll free number and you can reach them at number (877) 998-4678. This is a general line and you can use it to reach sales and billing department too. Their technical support service is available 365 days per year. And you can reach them either via live chat, phone call, or email support.

Techical support help us identify domain DNS problem. Big thanks to technical support in assisting to identify the website downtime issue. Few days back, we make changes to the domain DNS server record and updated it via third party registrar. Unexpectedly there is problem arising and the Webhostingpad review site went down for 3 days.

By the time we identify the website downtime, we initiate the live chat with support and hope to find out either its server problem. The support team take a few minutes to go through the problem and finally identify the problem is caused by DNS record which currently is with status inactive. Which means the domain update process failed and caused the problem?

For domain name registered with third party registrar we have to contact the registrar and speak with the support team to get it fixed. It takes about 10 minutes to identify and refresh the domain name record. And after that the domain is back to status active and the website is back online like normal.

Their support team is really helpful and experience in solving website problem. Thanks to their help, our website is now are available online. Right now, their support also offering remote assistant helps too. You can get their remote administration of your computer, helping in files transfer, setup emails, setting and configuration, and many more. All these are taken place in highly secured connection.

Webhostingpad affiliate program is popular. Their affiliate program is paying a generous sales commission of $75 per successful sales that you referred to them. If you have friend or customer that looking for cheap services, you can refer them over and get rewarded. They are using 365 days tracking cookies, and offering payout in cheque and PayPal payment. It uses real time tracking and monitoring, this allow their user to view successful sales instantly. This mean the successful sale is automatically credited into your account.

After comparing feature price and quality, we think this is the most budget choice available. Their lowest price simply defeats other competitor and this including:

  • Hostgator.com
  • Bluehost.com
  • Hostmonster.com
  • Justhost.com
  • Greengeeks.com
  • IPage.com
  • Fatcow.com

Can you name any other cPanel web host that price at below two dollars per month? There is one sound competitor, Cirtex hosting price is higher than this but they only allows 7 domains to be hosted, and we can’t see other web hosts that beat this price either. Webhostingpad.com is still the most superior after all. This option are usually more expensive and commonly price at above three dollars per month, it’s rare to find web host price at below two dollars for sure. Even if, you will find yourself signup with reseller plan or someone running company from home and not giving technical support on server downtime failure. Cry for help and no one going to answer you.

What is our overall rating? In overall their web hosting plan is great and suitable for most type of websites. Their features are generous and sufficient for most websites. Their biggest strength is their lowest price which beat all other top web hosts. Their weakness is there is limited upgrade option; right now they have VPS plans for user who want more. There is no reseller plan or dedicated server plan from them. The next common issue is service downtime and website that is suffering DNS problem will be receiving poor uptime. This is what our domain was facing back to year 2009.

Overall rating votes

Where is their office location and mailing address? if you are near Chicago or Michigan, this company is one of the nearest to your current location. Do you know that their office is located in Illinois State as well? If this budget web host is not your cup of tea, the next nearest choice will be Liquidweb hosting which is located at Michigan City but they are costing 10 times more. Here is the company location when view from Google Maps.

View location in Google Maps

What is Webhostingpad DNS domain name server? Their official website has been online since when? To answer this, we look at their WHOIS record that revealed this domain has been registered since year 2005 and they are using eNom registrar service. Their website is currently running from IP address to host their official website.

Here is the DNS to use:

  • ns1.webhostingpad.com
  • ns2.webhostingpad.com

Currently, they are now with nearly 100,000 websites. And these sites are using the above DNS.