This is one of the best places to host your website, small personal website to larger business online site. Host WordPress blog to CMS website or forum website of your choice, and this cPanel plan works for your budget! It supports the following blog platform including WordPress, B2evolution, Nucleus, BbPress, and Flatpress.

Not limited to those blogging applications only, if you have found other blogging apps and it’s supported in cPanel with PHP and MySQL database, all apps can be supported here. If you are unsure, check it with support team and they will let you know soonest possible.

From our website, we monitoring their uptime quality and server speed, its impressing. We are getting the same kind of data that other top web hosts are giving us, something even better than few of them. For the web hosting spec and features wise, they have more to offer too.

Those are the top features for their basic plan. They have premium plan that is specifically designed for e-commerce hosting and together with SSL cert inside. For WordPress blogging site, we would recommend a budget WordPress hosting solution and get what you need at WHP basic plan.

You can order web hosting services from them and get an account with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. You can host many blogs on single account as they support unlimited domains as well as databases. I look for following characteristics when looking for a web host for my blog:

Firstly, the web host should always meet your growing needs and thus should grow with you or I can say it should be ascend-able because, as your blog grows it starts getting more visitors and business. So the bandwidth and disk space requirements keep increasing. Therefore, we selected them because it provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Secondly, there are always issues with every host. So we cannot look for a web host without issues. However, we can look for a web host which can resolve these issues as soon as possible. If you have questions, the web host should reply as soon as possible. If there are some issues, the web host should resolve them quickly. The response or first turnaround time should be less than 6 hours. They provide an extraordinary support but still you can expect a reply or a resolution in 48 to 72 hours.

Thirdly, the web host should provide easy site management. Any webmaster needs to transfer and/or update the content of the website very frequently. So the web host should provide appropriate tools and software for managing your data on the server. It should not only support FTP transfers, but should also have web file manager to allow a person to update website using browsers. They provide a good web file manager and support all major FTP clients.

Fourthly, the network of the web host should be of high-quality. Speed should be good which means that servers should provide up-to-date data and there should be multiple points of connectivity. It has good speed and servers are updated quickly. Bandwidth should be good. It provides unlimited bandwidth. The web servers should be secure and there should be firewall and back-up. It is a secure server as it has firewall and maintains log and back-up. Further, the downtime of servers should be 00.01%.

Finally, another aspect of web host is software support. There should be adequate software installed on the web server such as support for CGI scripts, support for ASP and FrontPage, and PHP. Software in all hosts is different.